peaches & cream

greetings quilters–

we’ve been getting things done left and right…i really need to start doing the patterns for some of these–all in good time.  the most recent addition is Peaches & Cream.  a pillow using gypsy rose charms and peach and cream terry cloth.  it is a variation on our giveaway block for the Quilt Minnesota shop hop–which starts in ONE WEEK!  crazy, only a month left of summer; i’m a little sad, but autumn is my favorites season so i’m not terribly sad.peaches n creamalso, we ordered a few bolts from moda of the Heritage collection by Howard Marcus and then honeybuns from his Legacy line–both lines are full of brown, blue, pink, and cream…a civil war flavor but with a moda feel.  i’ll get a pic up next week.  it should arrive on wednesday.  we’ll have bundles ready for the shop hop, but i don’t think we’ll have a sample ready.

happy quilting–hope you can come see us during the shop hop…april

***the Minnesota Fudge kits are going fast only a few left…get them before they are gone.  Minnesota Fudge, 12-pack tote, and Cherry Fudge (which is our give-away pattern) will be available on Friday, July 31st at 9 am.


what do you think?

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