quilt minnesota…1 day

hello quilters…

we are busy getting ready for Quilt Minnesota 2009.  only one day left and we are starting to see the light…i’m going to put up a few pictures of the shop along with new fabric, new samples, and and new displays.

peaches and cream  peach melba

our new display using Peach Melba, Peaches and Cream, and the Gypsy Rose line.

quilt minnesota 2

Quilt Minnesota is displayed by the door on white and red.


we incorporated part of the work area into a christmas section complete with fireplace, christmas tree, and quilts.

legacy and heritage

bolts of brown and blue from heritage mix with honeybuns of legacy and judie rothermel.

monopoly necklaces

lastly, mel, made up super cute monopoly necklaces.  Only $8.00 each…what were you when you played.  I was the thimble, and so was mom.

we hope to see you this friday for the minnesota shop hop.  happy quilting…april


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