shop hop 2009

Quilt Minnesota 2009 will be coming to a close in 32 minutes.  i want to take a moment now to thanks all the hoppers for traveling this great state to see so many wonderful shops.  i wish all you hoppers the best of luck in the upcoming drawings that will be taking place.  i will be drawing names for our 3 gift bags on Tuesday.  Kim will be working for me tomorrow so mom and i can take part in the wrap up meeting tomorrow.

we hope all you hoppers came away with something wonderful…whether a fun kit or exciting pattern or maybe just inspiration to get you back quilting.  the shoppe can get back to normal now and i can get back to my machine quilting, which is still there…no quilting fairies came and did it for me…bummer.

mom and i have enjoyed the last two weeks…we are already looking forward to Quilt Minnesota 2010.  we hope to see you soon…

happy quilting–april


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