blueberry fudge

good afternoon on this chilly saturday.  mom finished up blueberry fudge on Wednesday.  dad put it up yesterday along with 3 other quilts.  the place looks so much different.  the batteries were going dead in the camera so i could only squeeze out 1 picture.  i took a picture of blueberry fudge, so all of you could get a look at the finished product.  it is SOOOOOO pretty, and so completely different from what we have done for block of the month quilts in the past.

We are doing this block of the month different.  $12 a month will get you 12 blocks, alternating blocks, setting triangles, block and outer borders along with binding and a patterns to put the entire thing together!!!  no registration fee or finishing kit fee!  we need to know asap so we can get our order in before the fabric is gone.  if you are interested let me know.  the picture above does not do it justice…stop in and take a look…

i’ll post a pictures of Shabby Romance and the NEW figgylicious sample on monday, so check back then!

have good weekend–apriL  {sweetwater}


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