Quilts & MORE

the new Quilts & MORE Spring 2010 issue is arrived in store today.  it is chocked full of fun fun things!  stop and pick one up…pincushion, bag, table topper, and several other fun projects to get you thinking of spring!

happy quilting…april  {sweetwater}


One thought on “Quilts & MORE

  1. April –

    Just read the article about you in the Willmar paper on line. GREAT!!!! So very proud of you!

    I am in Texas and have been since early Oct. I had won a $600 scholarship to the Houston International Quilt Show from my quilt guild so left MN early this fall. What a WONDERFUL experience!!!! I’ll have to visit with you about it when I get back to MN.

    We just had the Rio Grand Valley quilt show last weekend down here (Pharr, TX). It was a good show, and I had two things entered. Got a second place on the challange piece so pleased with that.

    I am working on three quilts right now and have one up on the island (South Padre Island) being hand quilted. When I get home, remind me to show you a neat quilt pattern I learned at my bee a few weeks ago.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll check in on you when we return in May…..after the snow is gone!!!

    Karen Knowlton-Quilter

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