Quilt Sampler slide show

We are busy getting ready for our party, but i thought i would let everyone know a few things.  We’ve got in some new fabrics.  (i’ll post pictures tomorrow.)  Just got an email from Better Homes and Gardens…there is a slideshow of the shoppe on their website.  so for more pictures… click allpeoplequilt.com/sampler and enjoy!

happy quilting,

april {sweetwater}


3 thoughts on “Quilt Sampler slide show

  1. I just received my Quilt Sampler and saw your shop featured. I had been there last year. It is a nice shop. In the sampler magazine on page 100, Picture 2 there is a basket quilt, do you have the pattern for that? What fabric line was used? Do you have it kitted? Thanks! Congratulations on being a top 10.

  2. Just got my Quilt Sampler magazine and I love the quilts I’m seeing featured in your article. Where can I get more info about the Grace and Lily quilts? Would also like more info about the Razzberry Creek quilt. Haven’t even read the article yet, so perhaps I’ll find info when I read.

  3. Love the Razzeberry Creek quilt, do you have kits for it? I am south of you in Iowa and next time we
    are up your way we will be stopped in.

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