to market…to market…

hello everyone!!  it seems like forever since i posted anything with pictures.  so here i go…and there will be lots…i may get a little windy, but i’ll try and keep it simple, but with everything that’s important.

first off, the new stuff i’ve been talking about with no pictures for over a week.  mom put together this new quilt Virginia Reel (pattern is $8) uses our reproduction civil war fabrics and is kitted in packs of fat 16th’s ($40) and the accent fabrics ($47).   this quilt uses 48 different fabrics and measures 72 x 80 inches.  (The “Ben-There Blend” is on the left.)

Next is the Sweet and Simple throw mom put together using Heart and Soul by Whimsicals.  So sweet…it measures 56 x 60 inches and the kit (includes pattern and binding) is $37.


Check out the cute little sewing kits in these adorable tins!  Just $11 and what fun for a quilting “sister” or non-quilter…




Mom and I LOVE pink and chocolate…check out Melany Square made from Olde Cedar Chest from Faye Burgos.

Kits include binding and pattern…$76 and it finishes at 76 x 86.  

 We have the blue the blue designer embroidery panel…kitted up with a blue jo morton civil war print…adorable.  kit is $37 and pattern and binding is included…


lastly…a new book that i absolutly love…The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt…with starter packs of fat 16th’s for $13.75…the book is $27.99 and includes 111 block patterns…


Okay…i have more pics from market but those will have to wait until tomorrow night… have a good saturday everyone…

happy quilting…april {sweetwater}


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