i haven’t posted for over a week!  crazy…it has been crazy.  mom is working on a new pattern and accompanying throw pillows and pillowcases (they will be available in a book for $12.99 by the end of the week), but we’ll have the quilt, which is still unnamed up in Brainerd with us at there quilt show.  if you are in the area…stop by and check us out.  we’ll have the quilt mn toweling and needlecases in on thursday, so be sure to stop by and pick one up.  mom is also working on our charm pack pattern using the Quilt MN fabrics…gorgeous.  once mom is done with the quilts and we have all the props figured out we’ll be devoting the back bed with the mosquito netting over it to Quilt MN (tag line to be added later…i’m thinking lots of fun words…shine, twinkle, elegance, silver, glitter…this list goes on).

once the quilt show is out of the way…i’ll get back to posting and more pictures…because we all know i LOVE pictures…

happy quilting…april  {sweetwater}

ps we are taking sign-ups for our bus tour on friday, July 9th.  the bus costs $49 and includes 4 strips from each shop (16 total) pattern and lunch.  if you would like more information, email me and i’ll email you the flyer.


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