Mid-Summer Sizzle

after the thunderstorms rumbled through (twice, though i was only home for the second time); i thought i’d do a little updating because i haven’t done any posting since June (it has been a busy few weeks plus i have no camera).

we’ve put together several new samples…one uses Death By Chocolate embroidery transfers from Aunt Martha’s, another uses a collection of soft florals, mom did up a miniature using dark pink and grey civil war prints…and lastly, mom put together an Eryka tote using 2 prints from Sanibol by Anka’s Treasures.  **it has a tropical kick to it.

first up is Sweet Nothings using the Aunt Martha’s Transfer.  it is 39 inches square; i’ll figure out the kit price on monday and get that up.  the wallhanging uses a variety of Fig Tree prints and we used sulky thread for the embroidery.  the hot pink is a ribbon sewn to the center of the quilt before the borders were added.

Next up is one of my favorites…The Daydream Collection (includes a quilt and fun chenille throw pillow) 88 x 96 inches and the pillow is 20 inches square.  the center of the pillow is a white chenille print that has hot pink butterflies embroidered on it.  (i believe the kits are $106 and that includes the quilt top, background, binding, pillow, and pattern.

Hazel is a lovely little quilt that uses a smattering of grey amongst the dark pink and cream.  it measures 26 x 34 inches.  when i get the kits figured out i’ll put the price in here.


last up is is mom’s new Eryka Tote.  the kits are $35 and packaged in take-out containers and are complete (all you need is a scrap of batting) including pattern, grommets, rope, and fabric.




some updated pics of the Quilt MN fabrics and display (mom is going to make up a couple more samples using the Quilt MN).






 check out the quilt mn tab above for pricing of kits, rolls, stacks, and bundles.

we got in a few cherry prints…mom is going to whip up a Summertime Pleasures once we get in some matching solids.  Can’t wait!







 here is the 30’s designer panel (it is 54 inches wide and $12/yard).  we are going to put together a simple sample using a solid and print for borders. 



i hope everyone has a good weekend…when the heat gets to be too much…stop in for to cool off!

happy quilting…stay cool!  april  {sweetwater}


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