Quilt Minnesota 2010 is here!

greetings quilters & shop hoppers!  i hope you are enjoying this crazy weather…blisteringly hot…then rumbling storms…then hot again.  mom has put together some fun new things for you…enjoy! april





weekend at the cottage…made from that pre-printed panel…it measures 79 x 93 inches and the kit is $83 and it includes binding and book.

then on to our “kitchen” we have Summertime Pleasures made from our new cherry print…so cute!  Summertime Pleasures measures 72 x 72 inches and the kit is $65 and the pattern is $8.

Here is our new light floral display…from left…chintz, bella blossoms, and daydream collection.

our fig tree display is now to left of the register.  Rose Ripple is on the wall, with French Kiss which uses cream terry cloth to the left on the table.  we still have a kit left of French Kiss–and layer cakes for Rose Ripple.

Quilt Minnesota is here again! 

crazy…it seems like yesterday that we put together our Minnesota Fudge pattern!

Quilt MN samples are on picket fence left Flurries measures 13 x 38 inches and kit is $17…right is Blueberry Blizzard measures 24 x 24 inches and the kit is $28, then on the quilt rack is Frosted Windows 55 x 57 inches and the kit is $65.  On bed, Ice Crystals is 74 x 91 inches and the kit is $84 and the pillowcases (2 cases) are $33.  All patterns are available in our exclusive book Minnesota Winter for $12.99.

we would like to wish all you shop hoppers good luck and stay safe on the roads…we are expecting storms this afternoon…can’t wait!

happy quilting!  april and mickey {sweetwater}

i forgot to mention…in early july mel (my baby sister) got a puppy…a cocker spaniel named Lola…she is just the sweetest little thing…the other pooches don’t even mind her much…from left Lola, Max, Brutus, (Lola) Kandii…please excuse the mess in…it’s like having toddlers running around…


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