I Voted

Women gain the right to vote in the United States on August 26th, 1920.

Here are the last 30 years of voting history for women.


1980: Iran gives women the vote. (more)

1984: Full suffrage granted to women of Liechtenstein. (more)

1984: In South Africa, voting rights are extended to Coloureds and Indians. (more)

1986: Central African Republic adopts woman suffrage. (more)


1990: Samoan women gain full suffrage. (more)

1994: Kazakhstan grants women full suffrage. (more)

1994: Black women gain full suffrage in South Africa. (more)


2005: Kuwaiti Parliament grants women of Kuwait full suffrage.

please get out and vote…women in history have worked so very hard for this right…make them proud…do what they couldn’t…cast a ballot.



what do you think?

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