1, 1, 11

so…here we are on the first day of 2011…and i’ve finally gotten pictures up that i promised 2 days ago…i apologize for not getting them up sooner.

monday…all the christmas tree came down…i love putting them up but i treasure taking them down…the shoppe looks so much more open and inviting without them.  we keep the lights up on the brown wall all year (i like how they twinkle…they remind me of years gone by.)

first off…our block of the month will start again in spring…april or may…we’ll keep everyone informed of what we are doing.

second off…our bakery bags came in yesterday, so we will be putting together the sweet confections for you in the next couple weeks.  our first…sweet confection will be available in February (i think).  we are going to turn it into a club type thing…some kinks still need to be ironed out.

third off…retreat dates ARE March 17-20…(not the 3rd-7th)  if you have any other questions about the retreat…email me sweetwatercottonshoppe@yahoo.com.

fourth off…a new 3D embroidery club will be starting in February…mom is going to do up a sample then each month she will teach a new stitch.  we will have a book on embroidery stitches and then the pattern for the project…we are looking for a guide to 3D embroidery and will let you know when we get the book in stock.  if you have any questions…feel free to email or call. 

next up PICTURES!!!!  the shop is completely different…stop by and check out what’s new!!!!

have a good weekend!

april  {sweewater}


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