snow day

so after a night of blizzarding snow and 11 1/2 inches and a gravel that hasn’t been plowed we are officially snowed in and will be staying home to enjoy the snow.  good thing mom thought ahead and brought home a few projects to do.  she has finished 2 and has 2 more.  the shoppe will be brimming with new samples by the end of the week.

so everyone…stay safe…stay warm…and break into that heaping stash!

happy quilting!  april  {sweetwater}

ps…mom broke the rear window of my car…i know…when has that EVER happened?  The odds of that are probably slim to none–i’d rather win the lottery…

One thought on “snow day

  1. I have seen a back window busted out, but it was a hail storm at a baseball game…the hail stones were baseball size and the car was full of little kids screaming…good thing they had a blanket along to kind of block the rain/hail coming in! I had just gotten a new Ford Escort and it was pretty badly beaten up. The guy next to me had some fancy new car (he was the sponsor of our team) and he kept looking at me through the windows and grimacing! What a great memory, haha!!

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