{Spring Cleaning}

Mom and I hope your weekend is going super.  With weather like this, the snow won’t last much longer…and with Daylight Savings Time, we have more sunlight…and summer is just around the corner.

We have moved the shoppe around…yes, again…we do this every few weeks or so.  Usually to make room for new samples, fabrics, or hot items we can’t get enough of.  This time we’ve made it fresh and light keeping spring in mind.

With a few new things…everything looks new…

We’ve got the i-top button maker…this amazing little took will make buttons with little effort and no pounding, pushing, or sore fingers.  stop in for a demo and check out our new bag…Samantha that uses screening, applique, and, you guessed it, buttons…  It uses Sanibel from Anka’s Treasures.  We have a couple left after the retreat…kit is $27 and pattern is $8.50.  kit includes everything except buttons.

 Mom also finished up Eydie A’s.  It been hung up and is just lovely.  The pattern is $8.50 and the kit which includes binding is $118.00…this pattern is made from a jelly roll and 2 prints.  {1 kit left…snap it up before it’s gone}

I left the Baby Apple Butter at home…so i won’t be able to put a picture of that one up until tomorrow.  i have posted pictures of the displays…

this lovely 30’s display showcases the pre-printed (YES!  preprinted) grandmother’s flower garden.  it is 54 inches wide and $15.00 a yard.

The table runner is Lucky Charms and uses a charm pack and a little yardage.  kit is complete with pattern and backing and charm pack for .

And this dreamy picture is our window…perfect for a princess…gotta love Robyn Pandolph’s Beach House.  it doesn’t photograph well, but is absolutely lovely in person…

Doesn’t everyone love a little chocolate?  here are moda’s candy bars…we’ve broken them up so you can mix and match light and dark…only $6.50 each…and no calories or fat!

And lastly…a little Pom Pom de Paris by French General…Mom’s finished the sweet quilt, but it has yet to be quilted…no batting, but it will arrive tomorrow and i will get to work…once it has been washed; i take a picture of it.  it uses a jelly roll, charm pack, and accent square yardage.  no border so it has an aged, antique look.

i will kit up flapjacks tomorrow and get that picture up for you once it has been hung up.

also…for information on the retreat…click on the Upcoming Events header above.

i will be posting pictures of the quilt mn 2011 fabrics under quilt mn along with a listing of prices for pre-cuts, pins, fabrics, and extras…get your order in now, so you don’t miss out.  it will arrive late spring/early summer.

happy quilting!

april  {sweetwater}


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