Quilts 4 sAlE!


sorry i haven’t had a chance to post those pictures i promised, but i thought i would get this new event out there so you all could mark your calendars.

Quilts 4 sAlE!  Friday & Saturday May, 4th & 5th

mom & i–upon much reflection (and probably the fact that everywhere we look we see quilts) have decided to go through our old samples and offer them (ones that we aren’t severely attached to) to you.  we will be slowly going through them all and marking them and getting them ready for a new home.  i will be putting some on etsy for sale, so if you love something but don’t see it…please let me know and i’ll list it if it is one we will be selling.  stop by anytime to take a look at what we’ve marked.

–current store samples are not for sale–

i’ll hopefully be posting pictures of the shoppe since we moved it around…either today or tomorrow.  also…i’ll be introducing the quilts in groups…with lots of pictures…stay tuned.

have a lovely day!

april & mickey {sweetwater}

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