anne elizabeth & percy parker

oh my goodness!  Easter is this weekend…yes, THIS weekend.  and our retreat is NEXT weekend…my how the days fly by.

especially because i kind of promised all of you something delightfully pretty last week…and i kind of never delivered–though the internet and my computer were not on good terms last week hopefully this week will be different.

so 2 new patterns that are now part of the sweetwater family (we have 5 or 6 more that still need to be introduced, but we’ll start with these 2 and maybe tomorrow i’ll get to the 3 samples that have ruffled goodness).

Anne Elizabeth…named after the sweet girl who moved into the house (it sounds like a reality show but even more boring) this past Thanksgiving.  This little quilt is 11 3/4 x 11 3/4 inches and fits this cute little hanger perfectly.  Made with lovely reproduction civil war florals and 4 different baskets…it is perfect spring decor.  We have kits available on etsy here.

Percy Parker…named after my great grandpa–mom’s grandpa.  This lovely scrappy quilt uses a layer cake and shirting prints.  At the New Ulm show…this was the most popular pattern–we have only 2 kits left.  It uses the 1862 Battle Hymn layer cake and a variety of shirting prints.  The blocks are smaller and are set off by shirting squares.  Percy Parker works perfectly with the Blissful shams in color sand.  check out the kits here.

so it has taken me 2 hours to get these pictures loaded and links added…hopefully i’ll get to Ritzy Ruffles, Ritzy Tucks, and Summer Crush tomorrow.

until then…have a lovely day!

x0  april & mickey   {sweetwater}

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