Quilt Minnesota 2012 Cherrywood blender bundles

We are getting all geared up for Quilt Minnesota 2012!  It is just over 2 months away.  We opted for the June delivery of the Quilt Minnesota Fabrics, so they will arrive sometime this month.  BUT we do have the Cherrywood blender bundles.  These fabrics are so delicious!  The colors are beautiful and the fabrics are so incredibly soft.  These are hand-dyed lovelies are in limited supply –just like Quilt MN fabrics and were only available to MN shops participating in the state shop hop.  We have 1/2 yard, fat quarter, fat 8th bundles along with 2 1/2 inch strip rolls and 5 inch packs.  To order check out our online store at right.

for information on the section buses click here.

as mom finishes up a few things…i’ll be posting them online…have a lovely afternoon!

happy quilting!  ~a&m  {sweetwater}


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