Carnival FooD, quilt mn & cotton goodness

good afternoon ladies…mom and i hope you are all having a lovely summer and are getting all geared up for Quilt MN, but between now and then be sure to stop on in and take a look.  mom is putting together Quilt MN lovelies–she has 2 done and 3 (or 4) to go…it depends on what we come up with.  i haven’t quilted anything yet, so i am going to refrain from quilt mn eye candy pics for now.  we have utilized the large panel in a large throw and the small panel in a bed-size quilt that uses a fat quarter bundle of both the Quilt MN 2012 and the Cherrywood blender bundle.  it is absolutly fantastic…i just love the Cherrywood pack!  once all the samples are done, i’ll dedicate an entire post to lovely Quilt MN EyE cAndy with pictures of our quilt mn display and goodies…until then…i’ve named the one quilt “Golden Pond”, i’ve quilted the “Minnesota Moonlight” quilt…which incidentally is going to be the name of the book.  Also…Cabin Cases (a set of 2 pillowcases) that are Cabin-Bound come post shop hop!


here is a sneak peak at the quilt mn kits, yardage, and bundles…more soon!

we have recovered from Carnival Food and Town & Country Days and are now getting back to work…until later…

xoxo–a&m  {sweetwater}

ps…we are dreaming of our Quilt MN 2012 display…we’ve been thinking of hammocks, chippy paint, burlap, and vintage bikes…once it has been finished…that post will be up with plenty of eye cAndY and info on ordering kits, bundles, yardage, and our exclusive Quilt MN 2012 book, “Minnesota Moonlight”…that will have 2 quilts, a bag, a table topper, and the cabin cases.



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