17 days and counting DoWN!

17 days and Quilt Minnesota 2012 will be in full swing!  This years exclusive fabrics have been made into quilts and the display is coming together swimmingly…hopefully i can remember the finishing touches tonight–so when i promise to take pictures tomorrow (the camera battery is dead)…i won’t be lying.

i have a few sneak-a-peaks that were shared on facebook…here is the topper that uses our 9 inch block pattern…

Easy as Pie –sorry for the slight blurriness…it was taken via phone.

then our stamped burlap that can be seen in the tote…

Tomorrow i’ll have a fun-filled post.  With pictures of our hammock–yes, hammock! in the store…it is super awesome, but unfortunately not a true-blue hammock just a lovely rendition of one (for a sneak-a-peak check out our facebook page at right) and pictures of the projects made from Quilt MN 2012.  We have 5 projects made from the exclusive fabrics…Easy as Pie, Golden Pond, Minnesota Moonlight, Cabin Cases, and Backwoods Burlap Bag…all the patterns will be available in our Minnesota Moonlight book ($12.99+tx).

I’ll plug in my camera right now…so tomorrow morning after tweaking the display…i can take pictures.  Think pine trees, relaxin’ sundays on a hammock, blue chipped pain, grain sacks, and old wooden chairs–even (hopefully) some wall art.  We, of course if you know us at all you know we prefer a more girly feel, have our display in the front window…against a lovely white wall with white accents.

So we’ll talk tomorrow…fingers crossed.

–xo   a&m   {sweetwater}


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