quilt mn pictures! finally…

hello!  first off…so very, very sorry.  i would have uploaded and posted last night…but the internet wasn’t working (i’m house sitting/dog sitting).

So…it was pushed back yet 1 more day…in 2 weeks you all will be cruisin’ from shop to shop getting stamped and finding projects you cannot live without–hopefully one of ours will strike a cord.

This year, like the last few, we are putting together a book, Minnesota Moonlight ($12.99+tax), with the projects from Quilt MN 2012.  The projects included are Easy as Pie, Golden Pond, Backwoods Burlap Bag, Cabin Cases, and Minnesota Moonlight.

First up…a shot of the entire display.  This is the best shot of the hammock i could get.  The sunlight behind it is nice but doesn’t help the picture taking.  The projects are from left to right…Backwoods Burlap Bag, Golden Pond, Cabin Cases, Easy as Pie, and Minnesota Moonlight.  Please keep in mind that these are our unique designs and that the kits and book for these are limited and exclusive to Sweetwater Cotton Shoppe.

Golden Pond is 59 x 73 and features the large panel and red cord wood border.

Minnesota Moonlight measures 78 x 90 inches and features the 5 inch panel squares, the full line of prints, and the cherrywood blender bundle.

Easy as Pie measures 18 x 18 inches and the center is our Quilt Mn 2012 block pattern.  The block pattern is free during the shop hop.

Backwoods Burlap Bag…pairs our unique stamped burlap and the word print.  This bag is perfectly primitive.

THE FABRIC displayed in our cupboard…along with crackle bundles, fat 8th stacks, 1/3 yard panel cuts, and cherrywood love.

Cherrywood blender bundles and 1/2 cakes of quilt mn 2012.

pins, packs, rolls, signs, wall art…

quilt mn is right around the corner…we’ve been gearing up to have new samples ready and kitted, patterns ready and printed, the shop organized, sweet confections cut and bagged, embroidery and wool projects done and displayed, scraps weighed and marked.  With new fabric coming in next week…we’ll be pushing to get a few last samples done–Fabric-books from Cranston…Poky Little Puppy and other fun, perfect-for-small-children prints.

i (would put in the word promise, but i feel i may be lying again) hope to check in early next week with the scrap bales i’ve put together but haven’t marked yet.

Have a wonderful weekend!

enjoy summer–a&m   {sweetwater}


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