fabric bales

i spent a couple days last week sorting the scraps into piles according to style…brights & batiks, civil war, april cornell, 30’s reproductions, dark florals, fig tree (this bale sold before pictures were taken), blackbird designs, kansas troubles, seasonal, blueberry fudge (block of the month), and cottage florals (this bale was taken apart so it wasn’t included in the pictures).

these have been weighed then marked accordingly.  we have figured anywhere between 3 and 4 1/2 yards per pound and figured each pound at $12.00…so averaging it out that is between $3-$4/yard.  not bad…and the perfect way to start on that scrappy project.

here are the pics…

Oh and a Quilt MN bale…this has fabric from Quilt MN 2008, 2009, 2010–this fabric bale has been sold.  Quilt MN 2011 bale has not been tied and weighed yet…but has a fat quarter of the scenery and 1/3 yard of the birch along with scraps of the gold leaf and other prints.

These are limited to 1 each…if you would like 1…please let me know.  They will NOT be listed on etsy…if you would like 1 listed be sure and convo me and i’ll set up a listing for you.

have a lovely week!

enjoy…xoxo-a&m   {sweetwater}


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