i know…i know…snow already!  no snow outside, but we’ve got the cutest flannel!

snowmen, snowflakes, swirls, dots, and solids…along with coordinating plaids, stripe and houndstooth…fabulous!

i have listed the bundles and yardage in our online shoppe…b

Our quilt…Snow Fun…(i couldn’t get a really good picture…i’ll try again tomorrow)

and lovely bundles…fat quarters and half yards…and a fat quarter bundle of 4 solids…

Quilt MN is half over with 8 days and 13 minutes left.

we are currently out of the following:  Red Crackle, Black Crackle, Light Tan Crackle, Dark Tan Crackle, Green Crackle, Large Panel, Words, Dark Plaid, Light Plaid, Red Cord Wood, Blue Leaf and the Minnesota Moonlight kits, the Cabin Cases Kits, and the crackle bundles.

–we still have kits of Backwoods Burlap Bag, Easy as Pie, and Golden Pond.

–we still have Minnesota Moonlight books ($12.99+tax)

–we still have 2012 Quilt MN pins

–we still have charm packs, a 1/2 jelly, 3–1/2 cakes, 1 fat 8th bundle, and a fat quarter bundle

–we still have the 5 inch square panel

–we still have Cherrywood Blender Bundles (charm packs, cherry rolls, fat 8th, fat quarter, and 1/2 yard)

here is a look at our cupboard that started out like this…

and now the poor thing looks like this…

okay…kiddles…i’d better get back to it.  only 13 minutes left of the day…and still a few things to finish up.

have a lovely weekend!  if you are hopping, drive safe.

enjoy!   a&m {sweetwater}


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