Sylvia’s Bridal Shower

Just thought i’d clarify how our quilt along works.

We will not be giving tutorials on the blocks.

Starting on Thurday, September 6th…we’ll show you what we are using in the first 3 blocks and what methods will need to be used.  Then on Thursday, September 13th, we’ll show you how our first 3 block turned out and our colors for the next 3 blocks.  We’ll give you hints on what worked for us…what didn’t work for us.  We’ll have ideas on finishing, color usage throughout the quilt, etc.

You can either do the blocks as we do them, or wait until after we have posted them and then do them using any hints, methods, etc.

Hope this clears up any confusion.

feel free to ask questions in the comment section and we’ll answer them!

yay!  can’t wait until the 6th…

also, i am going to now refer to it as Sylvia’s Bridal Shower…what fun!

have a lovely day!


ps….we got in some incredibly gorgeous Edmar thread this morning for our Loose Threads (3D embroidery) club.  Lola & Iris…keep an eye out them on etsy…we’ll be doing packs of them when the Bouclé thread arrives next week.

here is a picture!  beautiful right?!

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