we are going back to basics…Monday January 7th, 2013…

we haven’t done a block of the month for several months (i mean years)…we finished our last one, Wagon Trails in December 2009.  we’ve tossed around many ideas about a new block of the month…should we focus on northwoods prints or maybe a Fig Tree block of the month?  we wanted to start in January, so right around autumn we would kick it around a little.  Then winter would be upon us and pretty soon we were well past January.

so this year…(i peruse many blogs and love each and every one of them) one of the blogs is doing a block a week with stars and centers.  i kind of took her idea but spun it.



starts…Monday, January 7th  –blocks will be ready on or after the first Monday on the month.

each of the blocks will be a 12 inch finished star with a different 6 inch finished “back2Basics” block center.

we don’t have all the details figured out yet…but stayed tuned for information on pricing, color pictures, etc.

here is a teaser block.



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