6 shades of grey

I know…i know…but i got you to my site…and these really are shades of grey (fabric).


I have not read the book, but heard about it.  One friend hated it with the fire of a thousand suns…the other friend thought it was really, really good.  Another friend wasn’t such a fan.  I do have it and will read it.

but anyways…back to some luscious shades of grey…

Introducing Paparazzi and Moda Bella Solids…lovely shades of grey…dove, slate, storm, graphite and porcelain.

I put together bundles of fat quarters and half yards.  these would be perfect stashbuilder bundles.  (i LOVE the dot!)  Greys are in right now…be sure to get them while they are hot!

have a lovely day!  a&m  {sweetwater}

ps…more edmar threads should arrive tomorrow/friday…i’ll putting together thread packs when they arrive and listing them on etsy.  i’ll be devoting an entire section to 3D embroidery/needlework supplies…Edmar threads, books, patterns, needles, etc.  stay tuned!


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