nifty notions…and some purple love

We got in a few things the other day and thought i would do a quick share.

–i’ll be posting about quilt mn 2012 winners etc…saturday…

here are a few lovelies that we just got in yesterday…

Swatch Buddies…brilliant!  The perfect accessory to any quilter on the hunt to match some fabric!

Pins!  button-head and flower-head pins in 20 count and 100 count…

Nifty Notions!  thread tweezers and Double Needle Threader!


Little Stands!

…Christmas Cards…

Re-release…of Quilt Mn 2011.  14 of the prints from the line will be re-released as a commemorative collection.  James Meger passed away last August soon after Quilt MN 2011.  Here are some book marks…we’ll be getting in the line in March 2013.  It will be a 1 time printing…so if you missed out on some of the prints from last year…be sure to stop in and place your order.  I do not have a price on the yardage but we will be getting it soon.  We will be cutting fats, 8th’s, 10 inch and 5 inch squares, 5 inch, 2 1/2, and 1 1/2 inch strips.

i’ll be posting on quilt mn 2012 in a couple days…

have a lovely day!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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