i just finished up some more thread packs of EdMar thread…they are so luscious…and who wouldn’t love them when they have names like:

Citrus Melon, Lemon Lime, Grape Juice, Raspberry Torte, Ruby Marmalade (Bonnie & Camille Colors) and Lemon Drops…some non-food packs are named Butterscotch Tapestry (Fig Tree Colors), Winter Sky Pack2, and Mardi Gras…

i just put them on one of the beds for an impromptu photo shoot and LOVELY!  especially when they are falling out of the basket!

check them out in our etsy shoppe here!

NOTE:  I LOVE THAT PURPLE DOT!  –yes i used caps lock because i LOVE IT!

and some more pics…

if you want thread by the skein we have that too!

also…we have needles to assist you in making you brazilian masterpieces…

keep an eye on our etsy shoppe…i’m going to be combining current sections and making a new nifty notions section…full of all the notions we know, use, and love…we use nothing but the best…and offer nothing but the best!  i’ll be getting started on that straight-away…

have a lovely evening!  i’ll be babysitting…2 girls and puppy…

xoxoxoxoxo—-a&m  {sweetwater}


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