sylvia week 6

sylvia week 6…

the blocks… Boy’s Nonsense, Bride’s Bouquet, and Bright Hopes

Boy’s Nonsense…NOTE:  this block is foundation pieced but the foundation pattern has extra lines…we made it according to the block pictured…not the printed layout.

Bride’s Bouquet…(I love this block…it is SOOOO pretty!)

Lastly…Bright Hopes

The next blocks we are doing are…Broken Dishes, Card Trick, and Cats and Mice…

And lastly…a little treat.  I laid out all the blocks and it is coming along so nice.  I can’t wait until next year at this time!

Also…mom is using up scraps of white muslin…which are not all the same…it adds to the cottage feel of the pattern.

Well…we are headed off to the Woodbury quilt Show…we hope to see you there!  if not we’ll be around now until spring…it will be nice to sit back and relax (once the shoppe is put back in order of course) and work on some projects that have been neglected.

Mom did put together a couple new miniatures…Banana Nut Muffies and Snickerdoodle.  I’ll get pictures up one day next week…we are going to be changing the shoppe around too…i’ll keep you updated.

We’ll be painting our Purple Mantle a light grey and putting it in the window against the white wall…Lovely!

until next time…enjoy!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}




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