milk & cookies (and snickerdoodle)

christmas is just around the corner…i’m not even joking a little.  we have plans for transforming our lovely little shoppe into a twinkling wonderland.  first up though, our retreat this weekend…fri-sun…still have spots left if you’d like to join us…be sure to give me a call at 320.243.4436.  we will start decorating early next week…we have still have to get a few things figured out–i, of course mean the trees and what color combos we will be showcaseing this year.  there will be some burlap, burgundy, and tan.  mom is going to be putting together a fun grey and white quilt…think raw-edge goodness and an old bedspread–i can hardly wait! –i’m thinking of doing an online tutorial for it, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

now…Milk & Cookies.  we had some older christmas prints that we’ve been moving from here to there and then back again.  mom put together this fantastic little topper (which is charm pack friendly) then added a little bit of wool applique using EdMar threads to stitch them down.

Snickerdoodle…the newest addition to our Sweet Confections family.  Snickerdoodle uses lovely 3 Sisters for a truly Chirstmas feel.

***i love the little bundle of fats…2 dot prints and a preprinted lovely***

and another picture of that lovely flannel…i think i’m going to design a tree around these colors…yummy!

be sure to join us on thursday for week 8 of Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler Quilt Along.  if you are intersted in the book…check our Etsy shop at top right.

enjoy the day!   –a&m  {sweetwater}

PS…mom is working on something super fun…a blue and brown basket with blue and brown wool flowers…can’t wait to show you!


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