shabby bedspread tutorial {vintage cottage throw}

our very first tutorial right here…YAY!  mom and i came up with brilliant (i say brilliant…but then again i’m biased just a smidgen) idea.  we have old bedspreads that over the years have developed holes…and we just cannot toss them; i mean it is perfectly good, lovely nubby fabric and the fringe border is just so sweet and shabby.

so we decided to make a shabby raggy throw using some paparazzi greys and an old bedspread and the fringe from the old bedspread.

i apologize for some of the pictures…they were not taken at the shoppe, so the lighting is weird and 1 is a little blurry (mom took that one.)

Vintage Cottage Throw 56 x 72 inches

Vintage Cottage Throw (shabby shades of grey)

1 full/queen white bedspread with fringe cut off in 1 continuous strip

4 yards Paparazzi greys (4–1 yard cuts)

white thread

Cutting Vintage Cottage Throw (shabby shades of grey)

Cut from each grey 16–9 inch squares…total of 64–9 inch squares.

Cut from bedspread 64–9 inch squares.

Piecing Shabby Shades of Grey

Place 1 bedspread square and 1 grey square back to back (print side will be out) and top stitch design or X.  Mom topstitched a free hand flower in the center of each square.  Repeat for 64 squares total for an 8 x 8 layout.  For a 7 x 9 layout you only need 63.  (i don’t know why this picture is so creamy.)

Layout blocks 7 x 9 (or 8 x 8).

Piece blocks across laying the nubby sides together and using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Be sure that the seam is on the side with the prints.  Repeat with each row then piece together rows.

Snip seams every 1/2 inch-1 inch…be sure to not snip seam.

Stitch bedspread fringe to outside.

Wash and dry.  Trim any long threads.  Toss over couch or chair then proceed to snuggle with.

this is the bedspread back.

This is the front…all snuggly and wonderful!

We have these available in our etsy shoppe…Vintage Cottage Throw.

Download Vintage Cottage Thow PDF.

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