sylvia week 9

sylvia week 9…

so here is the story behind these three blocks, Chinese Coin, Churn Dash, and Clay’s Choice.

We start decorating for Christmas Monday morning…after the retreat this weekend that started on Friday and ended on Sunday afternoon.  Sylvia slips our mind until Thursday…we still weren’t completely finished with the Christmas decorating.  Thursday comes and Sylvia comes to mind…and the fabrics that we picked below

were gone!  I’m talking—these prints vanished!  I don’t know if it was elves or gremlins or fairies…or maybe a ghost.  Well, mom then searches at home for the fabrics…still gone!  and so pretty…we were sad.  She picked different fabrics…see below and made the blocks.  Then today, we are vacuuming after Christmas decorating, there is glitter and plastic needles everywhere.  I’m getting ready to take the picture and pull back the burlap table runner and lay down the snowflake topper.  I search out the mint dish and open up the candy.  I get it all ready for the picture…look to the right and there is the pretty stack of fabric, so we’ve moved them to the next 3 blocks.  i am very sorry for the delay.

so here we are…Chinese Coin, Churn Dash, Clay’s Choice

Contrary Husband, Contrary Wife, and Corn and Beans

i’ll be posting some lovely pictures of Christmas…hopefully tomorrow…maybe wednesday.  if you are impatient like me…check out our facebook page for our “a Very Sweetwater Christmas” photo album at the top on the right!

we’ll be ready of thursday with the next 3 blocks!

enjoy the snow–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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