a very Sweetwater christmas

it is christmas-time again!  my favorite time to decorate…i just love the lights and the sparkle and the bulbs and the GLITTER!  who doesn’t love glitter?!  is there such a person?

this year we still have the 5 trees…1 white feather, 1 small green, and 3 tall (6 feet) green.

i like to mix it up.  i LOVE christmas magazines and spied them before halloween and snapped them up.  and i HEART Pintrest so skipped merrily through the christmas boards loving every minute, every bulb, and every new idea.  something i saw a lot of was suspending bulbs at different lengths with ribbon.  i have TONs of bulbs…and thought it was a marvelous idea.  it would bring christmas in without the tree.  a different spin on things.

check out the photos below…then be sure to let me know what you think!  also, if you want more pictures be sure to check out our facebook page (at right) and the “a very Sweetwater christmas” photo album.

this is the doorway…lights, garland, and teal (yes, TEAL!) glitter snowflakes!  wonderful…

the first tree is made up of mostly sage green, tan, and red to compliment the Eskimo Kisses quilt that uses sage green terrycloth.

i LOVE this tree (and will probably say that about every tree)…but this one came as i unearthed the last Eskimo Kisses kit…then the Camp-Fire Girls book that Monica gave me…all the colors were perfect together.  Then i was digging through the boxes of Christmas and came upon the sage and tan bulbs and knew they were all perfect matches.  I hunted up a few other things…old, short, red spindles that i tied to the tree, some acorn ornaments from before we moved and fun birdhouses that became the topper.

Below…a table top display full of fun Christmas goodies…

Snickerdoodle is the Sweet Confection in the stand.  Milk and Cookies is the table topper with the wool holly and berries.  Don’t forget the tree napkins and the Cottage Christmas (hand-torn) ribbon.

then moving to the left…the salt and pepper shaker tree.  (admittedly…a favorite).  I used what i had–some salt and pepper shakes, an orphaned shaker for the top, and a couple small blue tin trays.

The next is a favorite combination…white and brown!  the feather tree wrapped in chocolate…just fantastic and another favorite.

now if we go back to the doorway and take a right…you’d see our wonderful shabby cottage fabrics.  this tree came about because i wanted more white to offset the silver…and with the frame shoppe, it seemed appropriate.  (this one may honestly be my favorite!)  First off…some snowflakes and a very sparkly birdhouse!

now some wonderful white and silver.  Bliss is on the trundle.

an idea for all those serving trays!

i really do love this tree topper…a hodge podge of lovely silver and grey.  A large silver beaded snowflake, a vintage silver vase, and a fun grey dangly lampshade–and a close-up of a frame.

vintage cottage throw…a little grey and bedspread.  click for the tutorial and for the kit.

lastly…i just love red and cream!  especially when mixed with a little grey and black!  don’t forget old hymnal pages and flashcards, and yes you guessed it…my last favorite.

a little burlap, painters cloth, and grain sacks; which is all over the decorating scene now!  just a few ideas to get you going.  The quilt on the bed is French Countryside…1 kit left…here.

the mantle with all its wonderful goodness.  the stockings are super sweet and available here.  as is the Merry Christmas pillow here.  and don’t forget the S N O W garland here.  He LOves me… 3 kits left…

and that wonderful bulb idea…i did it using brown shiney and dull, circular and top bulbs.  i strung them on jute for a more primitive meets elegant feel.  the brown works perfectly with Blueberry Basket.

lastly….Simply Imagine…i mean the line by Whimsicals…just that!  whimsical as are all their wonderful lines.  we have a small grouping of it, but it is simply adorable.  Mom is currently (as i’m typing) working on a pink and red one using this lovely peachy pink, cranberry, and green on white sprig…Cranberry Sauce.  Pefect for Christmas…i think it could even make it to Valentine’s Day.

so that’s all for the Sweetwater Christmas goodness.

i will be posting Sylvia week 10 this afternoon/evening.  maybe tomorrow i will get Cranberry Sauce quilted and up.

have a wonderful afternoon!

also…we’ll be open this sunday, November 18th…from 10-2.  in-store specials or stop by just to see the lights!

—–april&mickey  {sweetwater}

One thought on “a very Sweetwater christmas

  1. Where is your shop? My daughter lives in Erie, CO, and I will be there after Christmas. Are you close?

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