Sweetwater’s 12 Days of Christmas…Day 5

Update 1/27/18

Good afternoon!  I hope you have a wonderful time here!  if the minis are what brought you here…they are still available as kits over on our website…we are up to about 30ish minis so there are lots to pick from…


happy stitching!





sweetwater's 12 days of christmas

5 Golden Rings…or Sweet Confections.  These lovely PRE-CUT miniatures come packaged ina  windowed bakery bag and ready to go.  no cutting or preheating the oven…(hehe).

Sugared Plums (top) and Banana Nut Muffies (bottom)

30's sweet confections



from top left:  Chocolate Bows, Backing Powder Biscuits, Lemon Bars, and Blueberry Crisp.  second row from left:  Fudge Squares, Rose Cream, and Shortbread.

12 sweet confections

**not pictured but available:  Bread Pudding,

with your purchase of the any of these wonderful sweet confections  you will receive a Caramel Corn pattern.

caramel corn

and now some history of day 5 of the 12 days of christmas…first off….5 Golden Rings.  i searched out etsy for gold rings and found these delightful ones…at $20 each plus $3 for shipping…so $115.00 for 5 Golden Rings.

“Catholics in England during the period 1558 to 1829, when Parliament finally emancipated Catholics in England, were prohibited from ANY practice of their faith by law – private OR public. It was a crime to BE a Catholic.” –www.byrum.org

Thus The 12 Days of Christmas was written as a memory aid to learning the Christian Faith.  The 5 Golden Rings represent the first Five Books of the Old Testament, the “Pentateuch”, which gives the history of man’s fall from grace.

So that’s all for day 5.

**remember today only with purchase of the from our Etsy shoppe you will receive the pattern FREE!  be sure to let me know in the “Note to Seller” if you want me to hold all your orders until the end of the 12 days.  your order will then ship on or around Jan. 9th.  Shipping will be figured and any extra charges will be refunded.

Join us tomorrow for the Day 6…

also…looking through our pictures i thought i’d post a couple pictures of our 4 dogs that make life OH SO MUCH better!  these are a couple years old…Kandii is a little more round and the boys are a little less puppy-like.  But Kandii is still awesome…Max is still snuggly and Brutus is still gangly.  and Lola-Bear is still silly.

 from left…Brutus, Kandii, and Maxxmas pooches


lola xmas

have a good friday…be sure to enjoy the long weekend!  keep in mind:  We will be closed Sunday (as usual) then Monday, New Year’s Day and Tuesday, New Year’s Day.  Wednesday open as usual.  We will still be posting our Days of Christmas, so be sure to tune in.

SATURDAY, January 5th…in-store specials…Inventory Reduction Sale!  10am-3pm!

Saturday, January 12th…back2BASICS starts.  i will be posting more information on it as we get closer.  call or email for information!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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