scrappy cottage love

if you have stopped by before…you probably know how much we LOVE the cottage look.  if you haven’t stopped by before, well, we LOVE the cottage look.  (and that new Sunday Morning Quilts book…love*love*LOVE* IT!  we have it here if you decide you LOVE it too.)

sunday  morning quilts

we like their style…but prefer larger pieces (easier to kit)

and have come up with the following…


bliss2 bliss3 bliss1

this quilt is super big at 80 x 96 inches…it uses up those little yardage pieces (1/8th yards).

If you like this style, but want it a little smaller.

Mom is putting together a Baby Bliss…kits below

baby bliss kits

the pattern will be the Ritzy Ruffles with the Purple Dot as the ruffle.  we’ll be getting this listed just as soon as i get it quilted…hopefully, monday/tuesday.

ritzy ruffles2

purple dot

lastly…our new rendition of Fudge & Roses (a customer favorite)…this one has a shabby cottage twist and uses a charm pack of florals (which we cut from yardage scraps), 8–10 inch squares, white for narrow, purple for the outer and binding, and a vintage chenille bedspread!  It is super cuddly and perfect for spring/summer, Easter, sunroom, deck, or porch.  we’ll be getting this kitted up next week…so stay tuned!

here is some wonderful eye candy!

Chenille & Roses

fudge and roses1 fudge and roses2 fudge and roses3

this is what happens when we spring clean…tons of stuff that looks new!  pieces that we just love and want to keep are put together into a quilt then the left overs are cut up and we have enough for a couple kits, so you can enjoy them too!  Chenille and Roses includes:  Mary Rose prints, Seaside Rose (seashell print which i was hoarding a yard of, so we cut it up and stuck it in with these wonderful prints, Roman Holiday by 3 Sisters, and Anna Griffin’s Millicent to name a few.

Be sure to stop by for our superbowl sunday sale!  noon-3pm on Superbowl Sunday.

New fabric arriving in Febuary…more details to come.

Bella “Cherry” Blossoms is finished and waiting to be quilted…we’ll have pics of that ready for next week!

Mom is also going to do a pink and brown basket on a soft sand background…

and Simply Imagine fabrics will be made into a pinwheel/4-patch combination on a (yet to be determined) background!


we are also getting ready for Valentine’s Day…we’ll be changing out a few quilts…and moving everything around to make room for the new samples, kits, bundles, and fabric!

have a wonderful weekend!–stay warm…a*m


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