cupid’s crumpets tutorial

cupids crumpets11

These are mom’s newest creations…Cupid’s Crumpets.  These lovely little hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Pair with some chocolates, and you are all set for this romantic holiday.

Piece together your block…i chose 2 wonky log cabin blocks.  Piece them together as follows.  As you’re putting together the logs starting with the smallest one and working around counter-clockwise…if the block starts to look really wonky…start flipping the fat and skinny ends to make it more square-ish.  No need to square up when you are finished…just put down the heart templates and trace.

–for logs i cut the center square a funky 2 inch…then for the logs.  use up your stash…we all have extra odd length and width strips left.  this is the perfect chance to use them up.  Or draw out a foundation piecing template.  Or piece a log cabin center with 4 logs and cut them wonky after each round of 4.  {or if you are into quick and easy…we have KITS!  YAY!  the blocks will be the same colors as the one shown and backings will be the same.}

–this would work with any left over blocks…the more pieces the more color!

cupids crumpets

Cut out 9 heart templates then cut them out of the blocks.  (i drew 9 free hand hearts on newspaper.)

cupids crumpets1

cupids crumpets2

Flip the template and cut out backs.  We used wovens, corduroy, blanketing, and wool.

cupids crumpets3

cupids crumpets4

Stitch around outside of heart with right sides together.  Be sure to leave a small opening, so that you can turn the heart right side out.

cupids crumpets5

Clip down between the top bumps without cutting the seam and across the bottom point.

cupids crumpets6

Turn heart right side out.

cupids crumpets7

cupids crumpets8

Fill with stuffing and whip stitch closed.

cupids crumpets9

Fill bowl and place.

cupids crumpets10 cupids crumpets11

Cupid’s Crumpets…kits

Kits include:  pattern, heart templates, precut fabric for 2 wonky log cabins, backing.

Cupid’s Crumpets designed by Mickey Zimmer for Sweetater Cotton Shoppe

side note:  poor Sylvia…we’ve forgotten about her again…yikes!  i’ll put mom on it straight away and hopefully get back in the swing of things.

have a wonderful friday!   –a*m  {sweetwater}


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