my wonderful wonky UFO {& mom’s gorgeous Shabby Cottage Throw}

first off…the story of my UFO…

Long ago…like 12 years ago…i started a wonky log cabin quilt and apparently this puppy was going to be huge because i have 51 blocks cut and ready to piece and 21 finished (totally 72 blocks).  I  knew long ago I was never going to make this ginormous quilt…so i piece 1 more block because of course i didn’t have a pattern, just did my own thing.  we made Cupid’s Crumpets with 2 blocks, and i pieced together the 20 blocks (4 x 5 setting).  i am NOT a piecer…i do not like to square up (though i know everyone should…) so following the wonkiness of the blocks i just pieced these bad boys together…all willy-nilly like.  Hence…my wonderfully wonky UFO is now finished!  i pieced the rows yesterday and quilted it up.  i skipped the batting and backed it with pink blanketing from moda and bound it with a peachy pink and red civil war yard dye by Marcus Fabrics (a judie rothermel fabric).

i now present…my wonderul wonky (which is 1 less UFO in the world).




check out that bottom…wonderful!  makes it look really, really old…and quirky.


–i have 2 kits (all pre-cut for you).  kits will include:  pattern, 20–precut blocks and 1 yard of the binding print.  this way you can cut bias binding if you like, piece it in to make the ends even or a nifty border.

Shabby Cottage Throw

we did a tutorial on this pattern…(see left).  mom did up this quilt again…though this time we used that wonderful pink blanketing material from moda on the back and bedspread fringe leftover from a different project from the outside.  we both LOVE how the pink shows through on the front…pair it with Cupid’s Crumpets and you have instant Valentine’s Day decor!  a super quick project for the beginner.  it uses a layer cake, making it a 6 x 7 setting of 10 inch squares making it 54 x 63 inches.



Love the quilting of the freestyle flower in the center of each square.


fabrics range from Etchings, Stawberry Fields, Caroline’s Collection, Blueberry Crumb Cake, Mary Rose Collection, Blueberry Crumb Cake, Northcote Range, and Puttin’ on the Ritz…to name a few!


we have 2 kits available that are identical to the sample.  more layer cakes can be cut, but some prints are no longer in stock.

have a wonderful weekend!  mom has more ideas up her sleeve for the coming weeks.  Remember…Superbowl Sunday we’ll be have a sale…noon-3pm.  pick your discount…10-40% off storewide.  we are making room for new stuff coming in february!

enjoy the weekend!  a*m  {sweetwater}


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