boysenberry truffle & cOttage jOtter

just in time for Valentine’s Day…this lovely 3 color quilt mixes my favorite things…

bright copper kettles…warm woolen mittens…Hershey’s Creme de menthe meltaway Bliss chocolates –those are some of my favorite things too…

but these favorite things are:

combo cake stand and basket blocks, puckered quilting, berry pink and caramel-chocolate brown.

i introduce to you…

boysenberry truffle

this delicious (looking) quilt measures in at 78 x 90.

and here is some mouthwatering (eye) candy!

Links to the patterns and kits… paper pattern, PDF pattern, Kit w/background, Kit w/o background 

boysenberry truffle

boysenberry truffle

boysenberry truffle1

boysenberry truffle2

boysenberry truffle3

also…here is the cOttage jOtter!  be sure to stop by this Saturday…at 11am (in the shoppe) and noon (here) for a tutorial and links to the real deal (if you aren’t a crafty-sewing goddess and want to purchase 1 or dozens) or kits of wonderfulness so you can make you own!

Fabrics on the fronts are Mom’s designs…we’ll be printing some to use in projects (can’t WAIT!) and some small charm packs and other bundles!

cottage jotter

they tie closed…

cottage jotter1

stitched spines…

cottage jotter2

These are for sale…here.  we’ll have kits for you this weekend!

have a wonderful day!  ~a*m  {sweetwater}


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