etsy treasury

good afternoon!

we here at sweetwater are getting all geared up for the snow that is due to arrive starting tomorrow night through friday then again on sunday night through tuesday!  yikes!  we’d better come up with some new projects to keep us entertained…as if any of us are ever bored?!  if you aren’t in the sewing mood…which can happen on occasion.  then i have something else to boost your inspiration.

are you familiar with etsy?  if you are…YAY!…if aren’t i’ll give you a little info on it.  first off…it is our online shoppe top right column button (shop sweetwater online).  secondly…it is an online marketplace where creative people can sell their wares, vintage items, or supplies.  everthing that is new is handmade…so when you buy something…quilt, boots, bloomers, or even cupcakes and(or) fudge…it was handmade by someone–NOT a factory.

if you are familiar with etsy…i’m sure you’ve heard of their treasuries.  any member of etsy can be a “curator” of a treasury.  i have put together several myself actually.

well, some of our most favorite items have been treasured.

our slate pillow shams with the unhemmed ruffles have been treasured…5 times!  the most recent being Shades in Grey

one of my favorite treasuries is the raspberry gifts…featuring our raspberry torte thread pack.

lastly…sewing related treasuries

so be sure to check out our treasured items…even put together your own treasury.

hopefully i’ll be back tomorrow with sylvia…

have a wonderful evening!  –april&mickey

ps…if you are into pinterest be sure to check out our boards at right.  if you haven’t joined pinterest and would like to, you need an invite…just drop me an email (sweetwatercottonshoppe(at)yahoo(dot)com, and i’ll send you one, so you can start pinning!


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