warm apple pie, 2 Cents, Sylvia

so mom finished up warm apple pie…it looks good enough to eat.  we decided to forego the wool–it just didn’t show up well enough on the rosebud background.  we are, however, going to make up a purple coneflower wool project for those 6 inch stands we just got in…(if you’ve been on the list for one, they are in so be sure to stop by, email, or message me.)  i can’t list them on etsy, but i can send out a paypal invoice.

so on the agenda today…

Warm Apple Pie…scrumptious with its simply sweet rosebud background, mix of prints from PomPom by French General, an orphaned burgundy woven plaid, and Simply Imagine prints, and sawtooth border.  It would look just smashing on a table top with a vase of wildflowers or basket of wooden spools…ideas are forming for the next time we switch up the shoppe…

warm apple pie1

warm apple pie2

warm apple pie3

i have finally gotten a picture of 2 Cents…now these were a recycled project.  First we did up backpack totes…but the pattern never got written, and we just weren’t feeling them.  So instead mom put together this adorable little topper.

2 Cents measure 31 x 31 and comes complete with backing, binding, and pattern.  It uses a charm pack of Etchings Luna Notte (i keep interchanging these two lines which of course are COMPLETELY different…which we all just LOVE(!) and a wonderful pink woven that coordinates with it just perfectly!  i lovet hat slate grey color…gorgeous…

2 cents1

2 cents2

2 cents3

Sylvia…mom just finished up the next three blocks on the schedule for today…

below are Indiana Rose, Hunter’s Star, and Handy Andy…

indiana rose

here are the 60 sylvia blocks we (and by we, i mean mom) have finished…oooOOoo…so, so, so pretty!

indiana rose1

next up are…Irish Chain, Jack in the Box, and Jack in the Pulpit.

–i have gone through and copied all the template, applique and foundation papers…cut them out and bagged them.  they are now all paperclipped to the book.  next up i’m going to go through and cut out all the templates, etc and get them all ready to go…maybe we can get ahead…maybe…just maybe!


talk soon…xoxo

–a&m  {sweetwater}


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