come out, come out–wherever you are

that is how i feel…where has Spring gone?  And time!?  yikes–it is already mid-May and there is still SO much that hasn’t been done yet, and there is so much going on!

Sylvia-i hate to say it, again, has been delayed.  Though intentions were good.  Mom and I arrived yesterday morning and we were set.  Then at lunch Tina calls…her car (a little adorable Mini) overheated on the way out to the field (which is about 10 miles from where we live) -she was dropping off dad, so he could finish planting.  My keys were in my purse, so if she got back to the house she wouldn’t even be able to take my car to work.  Mom told her they would meet up at home.

Well, Tina had Max, Brutus, and Lola with her (Kandii stayed on the porch), so after waiting for it to cool down it started and only went about 10 feet then the battery light went on, the temp rose, and she had no power steering.  Max jumped out the window, scratched the door of the car.  She finally did get it to the church parking lot, which is maybe a half mile from the field, and she left it because it would 4 HOURS before a tow truck arrived, and she worked at 5 and didn’t want to spend all day in a hot car -plus she only had 1 leash between the 3 hounds.

Meanwhile, mom met up with her in the parking lot…took her home.  Then proceeded to have to get fertilizer for dad, pick me up because i was car-less, so she picked me up, we picked up fertilizer, dropped off fertilizer, dad pushed to get finished by dark (he didn’t), mom and  i went home, let out the dogs and fed them, mom got together a few things for dad (planter parts, tarp, rope, bungee cords), so if it did rain the corn wouldn’t get wet.

I stayed home with the hounds.  Mom ended up bruising her shoulder when she was unloading the parts from the trunk.  She decided she was going home.  Then on the way home, she slows for a deer then almost takes out the second one.  (interestingly enough, dad almost hit a racoon and a deer and tina slowed down for Chuck, the woodchuck that lives at the end of our gravel.)

So yeah, Thursday was a crazy day…not to mention, Mel saw someone breaking into cars so she called the police.  She got to ride in the back of a cop car–and wasn’t even arrested!

Thursday was BRIMMING with excitement!

So if you are piecing them as we go…feel free to get ahead of us, (or catch-up) but i’m sure you are caught up!  here is a pic of all the blocks laid out! —i had to use my instagram pics because my camera kept making it blurry (i’m sure it is operator error, but it has me stumped…so i’ll keep working at it.


A post shared by sweetwater cotton shoppe (@sweetgirlstudio) on


A post shared by sweetwater cotton shoppe (@sweetgirlstudio) on

And we got in some Lola weight EdMar thread!  The assortment pack is 2 skeins of something like 100 colors…i see some new thread packs in my future…i’m thinking maybe cookie dough, blue raspberry, and something along the lines of a cake batter/butter pecan/maple nut combination!  i’ll let you know what i come up with…lola1

the variegated one in the middle with the dark and light gold and the dark chocolate is my new favorite…reminds me of almonds and chocolate!  yum!  lola2

Spring hoops in 3 sizes…small, medium and large…available in our etsy shop…top right then click on embroidery supplies…notice also that all the needles are now in-stock!


also, tarlette tins…we came across a cache of them when we were out and about a couple of weeks ago…we’ll be making up some wonderful little pincushion kits (and a pattern).tartlett tins

Rosettes…the newest Sweet Confection to hit our “Bakery”!  These little “rosettes” are just so much fun to make.  They will be available soon!


***a quick update on our Sweet Confections “Baker’s Dozen Confection Collection” we had to tweak the idea a little, but have no fear it is just so darn adorable…i can’t wait to unveil it!  It will be delayed a little longer…the “box” was supposed to arrive today, but our order had gotten mixed up, so what we received had to be sent back.  So…they should arrive sometime next week.  Hopefully by then i’ll have all the pattern layouts done!  I can’t wait!  the “Baker’s Dozen Confection Collection” will be available soon!  if you would like to reserve yours…feel free to email me at sweetwatercottonshoppe(at)yahoo(dot)com.  (price is $25.99 plus tax -mn only- and shipping unless you wish to pick it up).

a little cottage loveliness…we have 1 kit left of both Ritzy Tucks (has the blue striped tuck along the edge) and the Cottage Duffle.      cottage1

we have the Ruffled Rose kits cut…just have to tie and mark.  i’ll be getting those up on etsy in the next few days!

ruffled rose

We are also expanding a little…and it’s all good!  i promise.  we’ll be filtering in some fun “Junk” as we call it.  I’m sure you have seen these fun little things on many a blog posts i’ve done.  mom and I LOVE junk…it is so much fun to use it to display with.  As in below…these stacks of books tied with muslin…what a wonderful little display piece that adds just a little bit of warmth.  (book bundles are 3 books per bundle…priced low at only $3!)  place one on an end table or several in a pretty basket.


And more junk…along with some pussy willows from our ditch…


some music note garland/mobile things…that are so pretty and whispy…and i just picked up a half-dozen hymnals at a garage sale to make some more…each one has 8 flowers and a half on each end.  just $2.99!  and a little bit o’ industrial lighting on the right…lovely wire shade on a standing lamp!  (join us the 2nd friday and saturday of the month…we’ll have all our junk styled and ready for you.  or stop by any day and see it mingled in with the quilting goodness!)


lastly…tina-rie studio couture.  my sister, Tina, has started making boho prairie couture.  wonderful cotton and linen bloomers, skirts, tops, summer dresses…lots of unhemmed ruffles, vintage lace, romantic ribbons, and colors such as alabaster, shadow, and tumbleweed to name a few.  we have some of her clothing in-store!  if you can’t make it in…be sure to check her out here… tina-rie.


we also have some jute webbing that we’ll be doing something with in the upcoming weeks…we’ll let you know how that works out!

have a wonderfully rainy day!  –i get to spend the weekend house/dog sitting–can’t wait!  x0-a*m {sweetwater}


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