it’s summertime!  (–kind of).  it is raining here which probably isn’t so good for the carnival outside the front door.  Paynesville Town & Country Days is in full swing!  if you are around, be sure to stop on by…we close at 5.  After 5 you can find me wrapping burgers at the Lion’s Hamburger Stand, so be sure to stop on by and say hi!  If you haven’t had lunch yet, there is carnival food!  i’m thinking a corn dog…or maybe fries…or maye cheese curds…so many decisions, so little time and so few meals!

anyways…i postponed sylvia last week though apparently never posted that!  sorry!  we were getting ready for a bus of 49 South Dakota quilters that were stopping by on Saturday which made Saturday CRAZY.  A quick shout out to them…Thanks for stopping by!  We had a wonderful time meeting you…be sure to stop on by again!

so compared to last week…this week is a little more low key, probably because we don’t know where we put everything.

Good news!  quilt mn is on its way–YAY!  should hopefully be here friday.  so many ideas…i’ll be getting a price sheet ready…quilt mn fabrics are not available in precuts of any sort, so we cut our own.  charms, half-jelly, half-cake, sweet rolls, fat 6ths, fat 8ths, fat quarters, and Nickel (5 inch strips) rolls.  bundles will NOT include the panels but we will have panels cut and available for purchase.  Also, we will be putting together a book like we have in years past of the projects.  Book cost is $15.99 and this will include 7–yes you read that right–7 patterns.  These patterns will showcase the fabrics and use an assortment of precuts and/or bundles and range in size from a table topper, to a bed quilt, pillows, and accessories.

and now for what you are waiting for!  some pictures!  i meant to get these up last week, but never had a chance.  And now that mom and i are each taking a day a week to do nothing…i have one less day to get things done around here.

so for some fun new things…patterns and kits are available.  if you can’t find it on etsy…it probably isn’t there yet, but it will be in the near future.  just drop me an email or a convo and i’ll set up a listing or send a paypal invoice.

Prairie Slumber…this pattern includes the Slumber bag (i totally want to go camping now!), prairie pillowcase, and prairie drawstring tote (next picture).  Totally yummy!

prairie slumber1

prairie slumber

Ruffled Rose…wonderful colors, a grey ruffle, and no seams line up so perfect for anyone!

ruffled rose

that’s all for today!  we have a few new cross stitch and a wool project in the works, but more on that later!  we also have an antique cross-stitch sampler and an antique cross-stitched santa.  i’ll be graphing those out and stitching up repos of them.

sylvia will be here tomorrow!  have a wonderful afternoon!  –april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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