sylvia blocks

last week just went by so fast …then we were closed on Friday for bakery construction…and here we are!  monday already (the last monday of JUNE!)

i have the most recent sylvia blocks:  New Mexico, New York Beauty and Night and Noon.

sylvia new mexico

i just can’t wait until we get these all done!  they are so pretty…

next up…Nine-Patch, Northwind, and Ocean Waves (& Lancaster Rose).

tomorrow (if the internet is working at home) i’ll be posting some pictures of some new bundles and precuts i did up using the Quilt MN fabrics…Parade Candy, Fairy Fats, and One Yard Wonders~!

***what do you think of the new blog layout?  i’ll be adding a couple more pages at the top with events and such.***

have a wonderful evening!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}

ps…don’t for get we have buses for the Quilt MN shop hop this august!  they are filling fast so if you are interested click on the camper on your right!  or call us at 320.243.4436 for information!


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