Quilt MN projects and Sylvia blocks

Minnesota Glamping…our book of Quilt MN 2013 projects will be packed full of designs that will showcase this wonderful Minnesota inspired line.  we’ve taken these wonderful prints and put a spin on them.  Added some ruffles, soft-hand unbleached muslin, and some more ruffles!

picture 1:  from top…Sun-washed pillow, Goose, Goose, Star, Rufflestillskin, and Sun-washed.

picture 2:  Rufflestillskin…uses 2 panels of the 5 inch squares, border backing, and ruffle–no BATTING…so this quilt is the perfect summertime throw.

picture 3-9:  Sun-washed…fat quarters and a ruffle…

picture 10:  Sun-washed pillow and Rufflestillskin

picture 11:  Goose, Goose, Star

4 119 8 10 7 6 5  3 2 1

i am working on kit prices…let me know if there is something you are interested in or have any questions…

we are also making up a slumber bag and drawstring bag…i’ll post pictures early next week.

also, check out sylvia blocks…odd fellow’s chain, odd fellow’s patch, and ohio star


next up…oklahoma dogwood, old maid’s puzzle, and orange peel…remember sylvia blocks will not be posted next week…we are going to be packing up for our Bemidji quilt show.

have a wonderful day!
happy quilting…xoxo-april&mickey  {sweetwater}

ps…Glamping bus has been made into a 1-day bus running on friday august 2nd.  we are taking sign-ups or click on the camper on your right.


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