Minnesota Glamping

I thought i had mentioned in the last sylvia post that we were putting her off for a couple weeks…we had the Bemidji Quilt Show last weekend and this week and next we are busily getting ready for the shop hop.  Well i didn’t…i only talked about last week…so if you popped over yesterday looking for some Sylvia…i apologize, but to make up for that we have basically finished the new QM displays!  YAY!  and i have pictures!  Double YAY!  LOTS–triple yay?

first off…the picture below is our display outside our door.  these are past QM samples that are now for sale…so if you missed out on a year–don’t fret!  Need a refresher?  here it is…top right is Year 1, the 2 bags on the far left are Year 2, the red pillow on the rocking chair is Year 3, the quilt on the rocking chair and the 2 on the cabinet are Year 4, the quilt on the bottom left and 2 on the far right are Year 5, the quilt in the center and the “Quilt MN” bag on the left are Year 6.  (Year 7 is at the end of this post.)


inside the door…a little bit of silver and peach…


chenille and roses…lovely scrappy florals and a chenille bedspread.


Faded Sunshine…(this little corner is nap-worthy!)


a little bit of summer florals…pillows, white, and a bit of cozy flannels




our seasonal section


and lastly…Quilt Minnesota 2013

Sun-Washed and Sun-Washed pillow


framed poster panel


bolts and cuts


water bucket of panels


tonal blenders and Rufflestillskin


Rufflestillskin and rolls


Selvedge Snapper, Goose, Goose, Star, and Past and Present QM pins.  $5.00/each.


Drawstring bag and Rufflestillskin


Minnesota Slumber bag using the panel and charms


lastly, our glamper…and the spot we are going to put our “campfire” (hopefully)…we’ll see how it goes.


for more pictures…check out our facebook page (click on the “F” on the top right)

all projects are kitted…just drop me an email if you are interested.  sweetwatercottonshoppe(at)yahoo(dot)com

sylvia will return on August 9th.

have a wonderful day…we hope to see you during the shop hop!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}

…we still have a bus running on August 2nd and spaces are available!


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