thread, blackbird, and campers

i hope you are getting ready for this up-and-coming heat-wave!  the weather people are talking 90s…hopefully we’ll get some rain out of the deal.

Quilt Minnesota 2013 finished up yesterday.  our little shoppe had over 750 hoppers…each on a mission…some collected the wonderful little glampers while some searched for coordinating fabrics and others searched for new projects.  needless to say, the shoppe will be brimming with new and exciting things these next few weeks!

we’ve already gotten in some wonderful eye candy…Blackbird books (which are full of applique, piecing, and cross-stitch)

we will be stitching Violet’s Blue just as soon as our thread arrives (Weeks Dye Works threads shipped today and Gentle Arts threads will ship tomorrow).  Violet’s Blue will only be available in a kit.  linen is in the top right of the picture.


Linen for My Heart’s Desire was out of stock so we will be picking a new linen color and getting this one stitched up.  This one will only be available in a kit also.


Blackbird Designs books…lots to choose from!


See the depleted EdMar drawer…more Lola threads on the way along with Dimensional Embroidery books and i’ll be bagging up some wonderful new thread packs…i’m thinking of doing some color ranges of just Lola skeins.


Be prepared…LOTS O piCTures of my FAVoriTE new projecT!  Jackie O. using the new Shabby Chic FAbrics.  (i took a few pictures and just couldn’t decided…so you get all of them!)








Some more good news!  the MH Designs Glamper Campers that were part of our Quilt Minnesota section shop hop…have been made available to EVERYONE!  she has released the 8 campers and the Bear Paw block in a pattern “Camper Party” which we have IN–STORE!  This little pattern makes the blocks into a wallhanging.  we made the blocks into a fun ruffle-y pillow (of course) and embellished them!  so the camper party pattern is $11.00 and we will doing up kits of our pillow complete with fabric for 8 campers, bear paw block, embellishments, foundation papers, cornerstones, piping and instructions to make the “Sweetwater Glamper Park” pillow.  i don’t have a price on the kit yet, but let me know if you are interested and you will have dibs on the first kits that i roll out.  if you need a refresher on the “Sweetwater Glamper Park” pillow… (kits will NOT be identical…but all campers are different right?!)


and some close-ups…






also on the way are some wonderful Civil War prints that mom already has an idea for!  remember Lily and Buttermilk?  if you don’t check out this post here.  Lily is the small pink quilt to the right of Buttermilk.  mom’s new pattern will feature a small block (4 inches or so) and be similar in size to both Lily and Buttermilk.  they should arrive later this week!


we are going to start going through our scrap baskets again and start bagging up 1 yard scrap bags.  perfect for all your piecing projects, scrap quilts, and hand piecing.  they will be color coordinated for you (hopefully it will help make the decision easier.






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