a spot of (chamomile) tea

autumn is here (well, at least it seemed like it on sunday)…i even pulled out some hand-knitted (not by me, but tina) socks and a hoodie.  it was so nice to have a rainy, lazy day.  mom, dad, and i popped down to buffalo and did some sale-ing.  we came back with a few birthday presents, a couple of wool blankets, a celluloid box (all ready for some cross-stitch), a red and white quilt block that i’m turning into a Christmas pillow, cigar boxes, and a much-loved but slightly tatty 1930’s double wedding ring quilt entirely hand stitched (and absolutely cuddly on rainy sundays).  the quilt is at home on the couch, but the other goodies are below…


then a good friend dropped off some wonderful vintage fabrics…which i LOVE!  i’m thinking bags and bundles.


now…a little bit of autumn.  Chamomile Tea mixed with a creamy pillows and brown leather…i love the combination of soft, vintage, and leather.  we have just 1 kit left of Chamomile Tea and several of the leather pillows.d

it’s that time of year again…be sure to save those pumpkin stems especially if you are thinking of making some of these wonderful little pumpkins.  i love them so much they don’t get put away after the season…they just move around the shop!  (we are thinking of making a few more using a little more “autumn-toned” fabrics…and burlap or stick stems.)


we are seriously reworking the layout of the shoppe…so the empty cupboard below will be plumb full of autumn themed quilts that will be ready for snuggling under along the table runners, toppers, and pillows.


Rosemary Pinkeep…the first of my cross-stitch projects…i just love the peach and cappuccino!  kits are just $14.00 +book.  rose4

so we ordered in the Primavera book…twice now and still don’t have any!  but i am placing another order and hopefully we’ll have some for you at the upcoming shows! primavera

this beauty below…is from the My Ladyflowers book.  it will be the case for mom’s new Galaxy Tab.


My Ladyflowers

my ladyflower

other projects… shabby union jack and old glory pillows using painters cloth, webbing, and wool…along with some new pumpkins and a decidedly spooky/halloween/autumn wall display.  —-hard to really explain, but it is super cool and will use a mixture of all things we love…wool, Brazilian embroidery, quilting, counted cross-stitch, and painters cloth.

remember this2

and then this?


and now this…all finished and a great way to commemorate my maternal grandparents…just need to hunt up a square-ish frame for it.  kits will be available…it just needs a little more thread…drop me an email if you’d like me to reserve you a kit… sweetwatercottonshoppe(at)yahoo(dot)com


happy stitching!  we’ll see you here on Thursday with the next 3 Sylvia blocks…

*april&mickey   {sweetwater}

ps…we have a new counter…which is a little more our style.  wood top+metal legs+industrial wheels=fabulous Sweetwater-style counter.  mom added a shabby painters cloth gathered skirt and ta-da!




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