September, what happened to you?

This post is our 300th post…a quick thank you to all our visitors, followers, and stumbled upon yous…we thank you for your comments, likes, pins, and shares!

we are super busy getting ready for our next 3 shows…we’ll be putting together some fun christmas projects, so be sure to stop by the shoppe or one of the shows!

Gentle Arts Threads…


finished up cross-stitch projects!  kits are available.


another cross-stitch pattern…and a cute little 6 inch block–we’ll have kits available and possibly some sort of Block of the Month starting in January…deets are still being worked out (and i want to finish up Sylvia.)


sorry for the quality but these pictures were taken with our new Tablet and i’m still trying to get the hang of it.

this week we did up Right Hand of Friendship, Road to Oklahoma, and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.  next week we will NOT be doing Sylvia blocks…we will be at our Walker Show Thursday and Friday.  i will be posting pictures to Facebook so be sure to follows us just click on the “F” at the top of the sidebar.  Join us on Thursday, October 10th for Rocky Road to Dublin, Rolling Star, and Rolling Stone.


lastly…we are working on some wonderful new Autumn and Christmas projects–you still have plenty of time to get started (and get done)!

(we will not be open on Thursday, October 3rd, but Tina will be watching the shoppe for us on Friday the 4th so be sure to stop by and say hi!)

Loose Threads (3D/Brazilian Embroidery) Club will have its first autumn meeting on Monday, October 7th at 1pm.  we have books, needles, threads, hoops, and projects to get you started.  if you are interested, please email or call us for deets.

i’ll be back monday with pictures of the new fabrics, threads, and books!

have a wonderfully rainy day!  hopefully you are getting lots done!

-april&mickey  {sweetwater}

ps…this post was supposed to publish last week…some how it reverted to a revision…but at least we got it all figured out!


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