we love Whimsicals, and when we saw their new line “Around Town”, we knew we needed it!

mom whipped up a variation of our Scenic Overlook pattern, “Small Town Charm”…this one uses smaller blocks, so it measures 50 x 50 making it the perfect wall hanging, baby quilt, or couch throw.

small town charm

Next up…Mulberry Hopscotch (which was named by a friend who lives in New Zealand)…this over-sized throw quilt measures 68 x 84 inches and uses some Simply Imagine by Whimsicals, Around Town by Whimsicals and a hand-dyed lavender/grey.

mulberry hopscotch

Lastly…we did up a new Christmas wall hanging, Black Tie Affair (48 x 60), using the Winter Wonderland fabric by Studio e.  This line is full of wonderful Christmas Red, cream, white, and ebony black.  The “9-patch” is actually a preprtined panel so most of the work is done for you and the stars float, so there is no need to match points.

black tie affair

these 3 new projects are kitted and ready…and with a weekend of rain ahead; it would be the perfect weekend for sewing up new projects!  be sure to stop by the Walker Quilt show and say hi!  i’ll get new pictures up for you when we get them back in the shop and displayed all pretty-like!

**no sylvia blocks this week…as we are in Walker at the Quilt Show, but join us next week for 3 new blocks.

have a wonderfully rainy weekend & happy sewing!

–april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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