so today i realized that Twitter isn’t posting pictures from my Instagram feed…it is just posting a link to the picture–talk about lame!  so i proceeded to spend all morning figuring out that mess, needless to say we are now on Tumblr (check under the CONNECT header), but i did figure out that whole kerfuffle.  moving on–apparently you can embed Instagram images into wordpress blogs by just adding the link (if you can get the link to appear on Instagram which i cannot)…so i just saved and uploaded and moved on with my life.

but i do have…

a couple new lovelies for your holiday season (i’m thinking they will look wonderful in your dining room, foyer, living room, or even bathroom…)

introducing…Cherry Sprinkles

i am truly in love with this table topper…the colors are so lovely and they would fit in to anyones holiday decor.  whether you are more of a traditional christmas lover…or a little more shabby.  the colors and pattern make this a favorite.  how can you pass up rose-red, slate, ecru, cream, tan, and cookie crumb.  (for you die-hard fans of Kaari Meng’s French General fabrics…this topper uses all those wonderful colors!)


Thankful Leaf…our newest Sweet Delight.


don’t you just love that hint of pink around the picture!  I love Instagram (check out our pictures in the sidebar).

new sylvia blocks thursday!  ~april&mickey  {sweetwater}

ps…we are getting ready for christmas…trees will go up after our retreat in November (which we still have a couple spaces open…be sure to let us know if you’d like to attend.)


what do you think?

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