Cranberry Honey Butter and Sylvia

Happy Halloween!  22 years ago we were headed into 3+ days of snow…this year we have some rainy–sunless days!  we are busy putting together wonderful projects for you to sink into this autumn/winter.

we’ve got a new Sweet Confection to add to your “grocery list”.

Cranberry Honey Butter

this lovely little mini measures in at 10 1/2 inches square and is great for autumn and winter.  tones of cranberry, honey, ecru, dark and sky blue.  these are kitted in those sweet little windowed bakery bags and pre-cut–you can’t beat that!cranberry honey butter

sylvia blocks…sawtooth star, shoo-fly, sickle

sylvia shoo fly

next up silver and gold, sister’s choice, and snail’s trail…with just 23 blocks left!

the agenda tonight:

a little bit of Hocus Pocus (because they “put a spell on you”)…

and some new cross-stitch using some vintage darning floss in copper, grey, dark sky, chocolate, and greenish-grey.

more on that next week!

april&mickey  {sweetwater}


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